For less than 25 cents you can help feed a hungry child and save an endangered gorilla!




This is a project by kids and for kids.  It will help the environment, hungry children, endangered gorillas, and the widows of murdered park rangers who died protecting gorillas.  Please participate if you can and pass on the information to all kids and teachers.  Our goal is to both help and educate.

1000 classrooms is a program to educate kids in Western Countries about some of the risks faced by the people and wildlife of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The program hopes to raise money and awareness by getting students in 1 000 different classrooms to donate $3/classroom to the Canadian Ape Alliance’s “Eggs for Kids” program.  The Canadian Ape Alliance is a Registered Charity. Setting the goal at $3/classroom ensures no child will be asked to donate too large an amount. Read how you can get involved on our For Students and our For Teachers pages.

The program was started by 12 year old James Brooks of London, Ontario after he read about the Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School in the war ravaged eastern section of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The school was built to help the families of Park Rangers who protect very rare Eastern Lowland Gorillas.  Many rangers have been killed and the Eggs for Kids program simultaneously helps the widows, the children, and the gorillas.   With help from two Canadian organizations, Zerofootprint and the Canadian Ape Alliance, the women have begun a poultry co-operative where they raise chickens and sell eggs. The goal is to buy one egg per day for each child at the school, providing much needed nutrition to children who often do not have enough food.  These children are the future rangers and environmentalists who will continue to protect the gorillas and other animals. 

1000 CLASSROOMS seeks to guarantee the success of this program by having 1 000 school classes each agree to buy 1 dozen eggs for $3.  This will allow the program to continue while teaching important lessons about citizenship, environmentalism, and the importance of protecting gorillas.




This project is in affilation with KIDSSAVEAPES and James is also using this project to launch a new chapter of Jane Goodall’s organization “Roots and Shoots” which provides help and encouragement to children and young adults to improve the world for all living things.

A program of the Jane Goodall Institute

100o classrooms article on the Official "Year of the Gorilla" website.

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